Things to Check before Moving to Yonkers

Things to Check before Moving to Yonkers

Relocating is always exciting but moving to Yonkers is more than that. The city with its booming economy, is gaining popularity among the youth and offers an extensive range of opportunities for work and education.

Investing in its large-scale urbanization while maintaining the appeal of the greenery of the suburbs gives us more reasons to draw attention to the city. Quality and comfort move hand in hand when it comes to Yonkers and will not disappoint.

If you are planning your move to Yonkers, here is a complete checklist to tick to satisfy your suburban dream while living in this growing city.

Crucial Checklist before moving to Yonkers:

●     Find the ideal Yonkers neighbourhood

Yonkers offers space for people seeking peace and a relatively slower pace of life. Yet, finding the perfect place which allows you to surround yourself with good neighbours and a clean environment is challenging but not impossible. If you desire a house with a yard, greenery and friendly serenity then crestwood is the place for you!

Despite being relatively expensive it ticks all the boxes for a peaceful life while being suitable for young adults chasing careers and families with kids. For a more New York experience with bustling commutes and busy downtown with lots of faces then Getty square is what you’re looking for!

It offers a perfect balance of busy hustles and greenery with a picturesque view of the Hudson River. Lastly, Northwest Yonkers with its old school Victorian homes and high end safety system, is perfect for raising kids and thriving in diversity.

●     Look out for housing options

The housing market in Yonkers is busy and incredibly competitive. With its diversity from high end apartments near the Hudson River to secular neighbourhoods harbouring some of the most exquisite houses among the greenery of suburbs, it all comes down to your preference and budget.

Share your thoughts and preferences with the real estate agents, keeping in mind the distance to your workplace and other leisure activities. The housing options are diverse and comfortable in every way.

●     Understand the expenses and Cost of moving

Everything comes at a cost and despite the wide range of options for your living space. The cost of living and moving to Yonkers is quite high. Living here is 23% higher than the New York average and moving to a progressively growing location means investing big time in your move.

High taxes and high housing costs make it a struggle to find a contemporary lifestyle which suits your standards. The costs breakdown to rent, utilities, grocery and leisure which together add up to a significantly large sum and it is imperative to take into consideration the sustenance of this amount.

Keeping all the important aspects in sight will give you a more clear picture on how to execute your living expenses and manage them accordingly.

●     Opt for Assistance of professional movers

Moving is daunting and moving to a high end location like Yonkers calls for professional assistance. Energy Moving is a Yonkers moving company that offers exceptional services specifically designed to assist with moving to Yonkers, with trained staff that is professionally equipped to handle your belongings.

Professional moving is notoriously expensive yet quite worth it in the end. Full service moves include everything from packing to unloading and transporting, while also being open to discussing significant deal breakers for you.

●     Discover Yonkers culture and community

Yonkers is a city with contemporary amenities seamlessly blending in with the historic charm that the place holds. Being one of the most culturally diverse places it holds one of the most grand St. Patrick day parades, honouring the large Italian-American population living there.

It’s also important to familiarize yourself with the people and the community surrounding you. You can always count on the Yonkers sites, who will be willing to assist you during tough times. It’s more than just about the lifestyle. The real taste of Yonkers lies in its people and the vibrant culture.

●     Arrange and organize your move

Moving should be exciting and not regretful. In the heat of the moment we do not realise the commitment we are taking over and how it needs to be fulfilled. Taking relocation lightly won’t help and certainly not when moving to a city like Yonkers.

Bluntly discuss your moving schedule and the complexities of the move with your Yonkers movers while planning constructively. The packing of your belongings, shipping them securely, filling in necessary paperwork for your housing beforehand, change of addresses and buying a place that suits your furniture are all equally important.

Not to mention taking a regular follow up of the process every now and then. Be mindful and donate or recycle items no longer in need while throwing away the damage. Organize each step by dividing into sections along with the budget, you won’t regret.

●     Education and Career opportunities

When it comes to education and progressive career opportunities, Yonkers is the place. It offers several opportunities for young adults ranging from each type of profession regardless of what’s in demand or not.

Yonkers values good education and excels in some of the best public schools in the state of New York. Moreover, there are some institutions that are ranked as the most prestigious for higher education. It only comes down to a matter of preference and taste.


To sum up, this is just a brief overview of what you should consider and make a checklist off if planning to move to Yonkers. It is a high-end location that is just perfect in all aspects and checks all the boxes of your preferences. What are you waiting for? Contact your nearest Yonkers moving company and find the best place that suits your needs.

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