5 Things Customer Don’t like About Long Distance Movers and How to Avoid

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Long-distance moving is like leaping into the unknown; it’s an experience of challenges, opportunities, and excitement. However, collaborating with long-distance movers might raise common problems that people have that may destroy the whole experience.

At Energy Moving, we are dedicated to offering solutions that not only meet but also beyond our customers’ expectations. We recognize these moving challenges and mistakes that ruin the customer’s satisfying experience if they occur.

This blog will discuss the 5 things customer’s don’t like about long distance movers and how to avoid these mistakes.

Unclear Pricing Structures:

Unclear pricing structures frequently cause clients to express irritation, which can result in unforeseen expenses and financial strain.

Transparency should be the top focus of professional long distance movers. They don’t charge hidden costs since they give them in advance, comprehensive pricing. The mission should be to provide clients with a thorough grasp of their moving costs in order to build their budgeting confidence and trust.

Lack of Communication:

One of the biggest complaints that customers frequently have during a long-distance move is the moving company’s lack of communication and updates. This informational gap may cause them to become more anxious and apprehensive about the condition and safety of their prized possessions.

Professional long distance movers like Energy Moving employ a strong avoidance strategy that centers on maintaining open and transparent lines of communication at every stage of the move to combat the problem of clients needing to be more informed.

The team must provide sufficient time to go over the complete moving process, including schedules and protocols, and answer any queries or worries that customers could have. This first exchange of words lays the foundation for cooperative and open communication.

Customers receive information at every stage, whether packing, loading, transporting, or unloading. Due to this proactive approach, they will always be informed and will always know the current status of their goods.

Delays and Unpredictable Timelines:

Unexpected delays can cause stress for customers moving long distances, upsetting their planned arrangements and making for a less-than-ideal moving experience.

At Energy Moving, we recognize how important time is and how delays may affect the lives of those we serve. To mitigate the problem of erratic schedules, we have integrated efficiency into every aspect of our strategy, guaranteeing our clients a well-planned and punctual move.

Our preventive approach is all-inclusive, incorporating careful preparation, synchronization, and an unwavering dedication to precisely carrying out each step of the move.

Inadequate Equipment for the Move:

When using moving companies, customers’ primary concern is that the equipment they receive may need to be more suitable or sufficient for the job. The issue may result from inadequate pre-move preparation and discussion, which might cause complexities that affect the relocation’s overall effectiveness and success.

At Energy Moving, we understand that having the appropriate equipment for the task is essential to a successful and seamless transfer. We prioritize a holistic strategy that includes in-depth preparation, careful client talks, and ensuring our staff has the resources needed to manage any circumstance to overcome the possible issue of inadequate equipment.

To avoid this mistake, Energy Moving’s staff converses with customers to learn about the specific requirements of their relocation. This includes any requirements for disassembly, the size and kind of the objects being transferred, and any difficulties that could arise from how the present and destination locations are laid up.

Compiling this data ensures the necessary tools are prepared and available on the transfer day.

Damaged and Lost Belongings:

One significant and fair concern for clients is the possibility of their goods being lost or destroyed during the move. Protecting the integrity and safety of one’s belongings is extremely important, and any mistakes in this regard can cause a great deal of anxiety and unhappiness.

Modern tracking systems, careful handling, sophisticated packaging, and a dedication to the highest levels of care are all critical components of a complete avoidance strategy that long distance moving businesses should employ to handle the prevalent issue of damaged and missing products.

At Energy Moving long distance movers, our skilled staff treats every item with consideration and accuracy. We utilize cutting-edge packaging methods and premium materials to safeguard everything from heavy furniture to delicate antiques while they are in transit. This preventative measure reduces the possibility of harm.


Long-distance moves are always challenging, but they may be made less complicated and even become possibilities for great action if you choose the right moving partner. Energy Moving offers solutions that meet typical client problems and guarantee openness, communication, efficiency, safety, and professionalism during the moving process.

Choose Energy Moving as your long distance movers in NYC and allow us to exceed your expectations regarding your long-distance move. Our goal is to make your long-distance relocation a memorable experience characterized by dependability, trust, and customer-focused service—not just by moving your possessions but also by facilitating a smooth and happy transition to new beginnings.

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