Enjoy Stress-free Moves During National Moving Month with Energy Moving

Enjoy Stress-free Moves During National Moving Month with Energy Moving

Stress-Free Moves During National Moving Month with Energy Moving 2024



May, a month of sprouting flowers, is famous as National Moving Month in the United States. Moving events are considered the most tough and stressful, it cannot be fun but it can be a bed of roses. In this article, we are going to delve into the significance of stress-free moves during National Moving Month with Energy Moving. There are 10 invaluable tips and tactics to have an easy relocation experience.


Understanding National Moving Month

National Moving Month is observed every year during May, as moving companies see a rise in service demand. Before the start of summer, families choose to move into their new homes at new locations because they are free due to vacations. People this month, start preparations for a convenient transition.


Emerging Trends in Moving

There are emerging trends in moving, foremost being eco-friendly moves; using recyclable packing material, and selecting energy-efficient transportation. Another is virtual moving estimates that is very convenient during health emergencies. Lastly, DIY moves with a twist i.e. hiring professionals for particular tasks and handling others themselves.


10 Tips for Stress-Free Moves During National Moving Month

Here are the 10 most significant house moving tips for stress-free moves during the national moving month.

1.   Start Planning Early:

Begin by making a comprehensive moving checklist including everything i.e. finding tips and so on. You must set a realistic timeline for instance 2, 3, 4 days for small, medium, and large apartments respectively.

2.   Declutter and Donate

You must divide your stuff and donate those unneeded things to needy ones. These things can be donated to local groups or thrift shops, they will help you to lessen your moving stress.

3.   Hire Reputable Movers

You can start by searching for a “reputable mover near me” who offers excellent customer service and quick performance. Check the most reasonable moving insurance options ranging from basic to expensive plans.

4.   Pack Smartly

Buy more packing supplies i.e. sturdy boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, or packing paper. Opt room-by-room packing strategy for your ease and keep things under control.

5.   Label Everything

Try to create clear labels for boxes by mentioning things and rooms and use the same color for this. Color coding helps to make the packing process smooth, organized, and easy to find.

6.   Take Care of Utilities Early

Set date for utility shut off (water, gas, and internet) at the current living place. Reach out to the service providers near your new home and ask them to activate basic utilities before you move.

7.   Prepare an Essentials Kit

This essential kit is called a “first night box” containing clothes, toiletries, a laptop, a charger, and necessary medicines. Do not forget to keep your passport, financial documents, and home closing papers safe.

8.   Keep Kids and Pets Safe

Another moving home tip is to arrange a caretaker (babysitter and pet sitter) for your kids and pets if you want to move to another home. It will assist you to focus on the moving process without getting worried about them.

9.   Address Changes and Notifications

Inform the post office about your address change so that you can get your bills or other stuff at the doorstep. Tell your bank, insurance, doctor, school, and magazine service about your move.

10.  Plan for Moving Day

Create a final moving checklist for the big day to release yourself from anxiety. You must have emergency backup plans, it is the most important moving house tip because anything can happen at the last moment.



How to move house, tell the most efficient way?

The most significant moving way is planning and professional movers hiring.

What is the hardest room to pack during moving?

The kitchen is the hardest room to pack.

What is the first thing to bring in a new house?

You must bring clothes and toiletries to your new home.

When should you start packing to move?

Start as soon as possible to avoid any in-time issues.



Moving is a tough task and it can be worrisome for the people aspiring to transit. With these 10 tips for moving house, you can enjoy stress-free moving during National Moving Month with Energy Moving.

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