Office Moving Checklist for a Successful Office Move in NYC

Office Moving Checklist for a Successful Office Move in NYC

Office relocation is of mere significance as your professional growth, identity and value is all determined by your workplace and locus. Especially, when running an active business in an expensive state like NYC it remains crucial to move its premise considering your commotion and busyness.

However, to move an office in NYC promises to be an impactful start over with your new chores, efficiently. To wrap and move on to a new place demands a responsible attitude adhering to regulations required whilst the whole process.

Energy Moving has brought to you this scrupulous guide to maintain a dedicated office moving checklist that states 10 fundamental tasks that must be on your list.

Office Moving Checklist; 10 Fundamental Tasks

While moving an office it is crucial to turn a wide eye towards success and details. Below are the 10 fundamental tasks that precede a smooth office relocation when moving in NYC.

●     Prepare Well; Budget

The earliest phase of an office move starts off with keen-oriented planning. Planning entails: budget, location access, analysis of previous contracts, renting new space, office design etc. Where an office relocation is a multifaceted operation to undergo, budget is the key consideration.

To plan and allot a significant cost dedicated to a move requires accuracy of financial and economical calculations. The core responsibility is to maintain your finances effectively while budgeting for a move, in order to eliminate the last minute chaos or cost overruns due to a quixotic budget plan.

●     Choose Your New Premise

Preceding budgeting, choosing a new office premise is crucial. Whether renting an office or buying it on lease, ensure to specify your choices over this decision. It is vital to know where you are moving, considering accommodations, utility services, primary location, surroundings, is all necessary to ensure a perfect business place.

Make sure to arrange certain site visits contrary to shifting somewhere that seems nice to you. It is essential to trust your instincts when making this choice, and conduct rigorous surveys.

●     Layout and Interior Planning

Systematically proceeding with the flow will lead you to your pristine, new place. As a business place boasts the identity and loyalty of a brand/ company. This task must be primarily placed within your core duties.

Once you have selected your new office make sure to hire architects or designers to proceed the process. Space planning is merely a rule to make your place look professional. It is essential to make your office environment engaging and stylized as per your brand’s value.

●     Inventory and Management

Some basic things might fail to grab your attention. For that purpose, it is necessary to make a detailed inventory of items that are stocked and the ones that need to be restocked.

Amidst moving, minute details must be addressed, things as smallest as staple pins hold importance. After reaching the final destination it will be an easier way to keep track of what you have brought along and what needs to be bought.

●     Wrapping and Packing

When thinking of placing this major task within the primary moving duties, certify it, whether your employees will be liable to pack their own cubicles or you will seek some professional packing services for the office.

The best office movers generally offer their skilled packers and moving crew to surmount this step. You can definitely set your priorities, either choosing office packing services or assigning this responsibility to your employees.

●     Hire Office Movers

The key focus must be: to hire office movers in New York City. Whilst moving an office in a costly state such as New York City remains unusual to find an inexpensive office moving company.

The most stressful task on the checklist: finding qualified office movers in NYC. Assurance is necessary while hiring a moving company, prior to ensuring a big responsibility make sure to inquire as much as you can.

Also, explore the best office moving companies in advance. Energy Moving has been noticed by tons of NYC residents and business owners for being reliable commercial movers in NYC.

●     Purchase Equipment and Declutter

Calculating the budget while assessing your needs for your new space is important. While making a checklist make sure to define the tasks that you are putting on it. For instance, be sure what furnishings or decoratives you might want to elevate your new surroundings.

If your furniture and desks are perfectly fine then take them along whereby you declutter your worn out stock of supplies, trashy bins and cabinets, also useless, wrecked furniture.

●     Digitize Paperwork and Create Backup

Taking care of technology is a direct necessity. Make sure to create cloud storage and data backups using hard drives and USBs. While moving an office you won’t be able to carry every tat bit, make sure to clean your stuffed cabinets and scan necessary documents to keep them safe in records.

●     Notify Clients and Customers

Customers and clients are integral members of any business. While making such a great move, the word must be spread to them beforehand. Make sure to keep your clients updated and customers notified about your transition whether you are an outlet, a commercial store or an office, your customers put deep faith in you.

Certainly, inform them regarding your new location and opening time so they stay worry free throughout your downtime.

●     Update Company Whereabouts

The silliest mistake one business owner could ever make is not to be accountable for updating addresses, fax numbers and zip codes. Prioritize these minute details regarding your office move in New York City.

Employ someone to update gps location and your other details via the internet. Also, make sure to get new cards printed while getting custom packaging or flyers if needed.


Concluding this with a small piece of advice: make sure you have a well thought out checklist while taking into consideration the above given fundamentals that are core of a business move. Ensure that you conduct thorough research and perform an environmental analysis pertaining to the specific details that you might have missed. Finally, after living a smooth transition thank our commercial movers in New York City for an on-point move.

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