How To Pack Holiday Decorations For A Move

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Cleaning up after the holidays is much less enjoyable than decorating for them. It’s easy for some people to put all of their Christmas decorations into a few big boxes or, gasp, trash bags, and then store those bags and boxes in a basement or the back of a closet until the following year since packing is such a bother.

We encourage you to avoid that impulses. After the holidays is an excellent opportunity to give your decorations a second look. Packaging carefully means your favorite holiday decorations will last longer over the year. Either you plan a move or stay at the same place. You can re-use your decorations again and again.

Packing can be a fun chore and an appropriate way to wrap up the season. You can hire professional packing services in NYC to pack your stuff safely.

Let us discuss how to pack your holiday decorations for a move if you are planning to move your home with care.

Pack decorations like you’re moving

Some pack their Christmas decorations as if they are moving, to get into the right mindset. If you were loading up your priceless possessions into a truck and heading for your new residence, how would you handle them?

You have the chance to pack your decorations using the right approach carefully. Look at the larger picture first: Which decorations are the most essential? Which products are the most brittle? Are you packing with the appropriate supplies?

Organize decorations by Use and Type

It’s advisable to arrange your Christmas decorations according to their type and usage before packing any of them. For example, keep everything for the mantel of the fireplace together. If you have more than one tree, you should store the ornaments in individual boxes for each tree.

It would help if you also utilize this opportunity to eliminate whatever you won’t be using in the next year.

Avoid Tangling with Your Christmas Lights

Using the original boxes and wrapping is often the best option when packing away holiday decorations. You should not be concerned if you lose them, however. There are still many excellent ways to pack your belongings securely.

We suggest using cardboard panels to wrap away your Christmas lights securely. You may round the cardboard with your Christmas lights. By doing this, you can keep them apart from the rest of your Christmas decor. You can write on the cardboard and identify them, which is an extra plus. You may arrange them according to their locations (e.g., Christmas tree lights in the living room).

Wrap up your festive paper decorations in plastic bags

Your Christmas paper goods, including gift wraps, cards, and cutout snowflakes, should be stored safely and securely within plastic bags. If keeping them from getting creases and crinkles is important, consider packaging them inside a folder.

Tissue paper, paper bags, and wrapping paper should all be kept within waterproof containers or boxes during a relocation since the last thing you want is for them to become wet.

Protect your Christmas tree

Packing your Christmas tree carefully will ensure it remains in excellent condition for many years. It’s the focal point of your holiday décor, so if its storage container is becoming worn out and breaking apart, think about replacing it with something more robust than the box it came in.

Plenty of canvas and polyester duffels are available on the market that will fit your financial and practical needs. To make transporting your tree simpler, choose one with handles. Consider investing in a solid moving box to keep your tree safe if you can’t find a unique bag.

Box decorations like a professional packer

Think like a pro while packing, which means don’t stuff your boxes too full. Handling many smaller boxes is often simpler than handling a large box containing all of your Christmas decorations.

When you move those boxes upstairs or put them on a shelf, your shoulders and back will appreciate it.

Keep garlands and wreaths secure

Garlands and wreaths are vulnerable to collapse, particularly when moved. Use plastic wrap or garment bags as protection to keep them looking cheerful.

Pack them firmly in moving blankets or suitably sized boxes to avoid bending or damage, depending on their size. To emphasize cautious treatment throughout the transport, properly label these objects.

Hire Professional Packing Services in NYC

If all of the tasks involved in moving during the holiday season are making you feel stressed, you might want to think about hiring professionals to pack your Christmas decorations. Professional packing services in NYC contribute efficiency and experience to the undertaking.

Your Christmas costly items will be safely packed by movers skilled in handling fragile things, freeing you up to enjoy the season without worrying about every little aspect of your relocation.

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