How To Pack Glasses For Moving?

Are you wondering how to pack glasses for moving? There are so many types of best materials used for packing glassware. Although glasses packaging requires skills, everyone must do this carefully to avoid frustration during relocations. Professional movers will take care of this and have all types of alternatives to pack glasses. They know how to wrap the glasses and which material will be the best for the wrapping. Let’s get into the blog to know everything in detail.

Categorize Glasses Before Packing

To start the packaging phase, you should take some time to determine kitchen utensils. Find out which glasses will go with you and what items should be left aside. Categorize the kitchenware to pack it easily. Organize the plates, bowls, glasses, cutlery, etc. It will be much easier now to know what items are going where. A detailed understanding is essential for how many boxes and packing materials you need to moving fragile items. Don’t try this out by yourself, take help of professional movers to prevent cracks and damages.

Search Out the Packing Material

Packing supplies are essential you will need for moving. The successful move will be possible only with the right material. Packing materials for glassware shouldn’t be overlooked, especially when packing glasses.

  • Packing paper is essential for wrapping fragile items and protecting glasses from scratches.
  • Moving boxes– sturdy and good-sized moving boxes are essential for moving.
  • Old newspaper- It won’t cost a single penny, and you all will have the old newspaper at home, so use it for the wrapping.
  • Bubble wrap- It is essential for packing glasses with bubble wrap while moving. It provides excellent protection and extra care for fragile items.

Whether you are packing plates, glasses, or fragile items, all materials will ensure the safety of items, and long-distance moves require extra care. Packaging material shouldn’t be overlooked; the right packaging materials will increase product protection.

Ways To Pack Glasses For Moving

Once you have sorted out the category for kitchen items and packing supplies, the rest of the process is tricky. Hiring professional movers would make this easier for you. They use packaging boxes for wrapping glasses. Make a protective layer at the bottom and top of the box to prevent glass deaths in shifting.

Start taking about 4 inches of rolled-up packing paper and spread it all over. Fill out the gaps around the glasses to prevent sudden movements from happening inside the box. You can add several sheets of paper on top of the glasses for an extra layer of protection. Don’t forget to use the spare form to fill out the space in moving boxes to keep the glasses secure and steady. Take some time to label because labelling your boxes correctly will save you time and hassle. It will also help the movers know that the box contains fragile items and should be handled carefully.

Additional Tips For Packing Glasses And Fragile Items

  • Always pack the glasses vertically inside the box because lying flat causes cracks in the dishes while moving.
  • Hire a professional moving company because they will pack everything with great care. If you have picked the right moving company, don’t worry because they ensure the safe transportation of the item.
  • Use enough packing materials to wrap the items, and packing paper is the best item to use rather than newspaper because it can ruin items by leaving ink behind.
  • You must also be extra careful while unpacking these glasses to avoid last-minute accidents. Clean them and arrange them inside where they are safe and easily accessible.


Hire a Professional Moving Company

Packing glasses is all about the trick; no one can do better than these professional movers. They have years of experience in placing heavier glasses and mugs carefully. Packing delicate items in the right manner is essential. Energy Moving is a top-notch company with years of experience packing and moving all these delicate and fragile items. We suggest you do not risk moving these items by yourself. Get hired the professional moving companies to transfer your valuables.


These are the tips and tricks for packing glasses while moving. Professional movers have years of practice in wrapping and packing glasses. Skill can come quite handy so you can move often and prevent accidents. Companies who are efficient in long-distance moving to know how to transport glasses and other fragile items with great care. Don’t compromise over the quality of packing materials because it enhances the protection of fragile items wherever they are moved to. Don’t overstuff the box while packing because it can damage the pieces. Always leave the room for placing a top layer of cushioning with bubble wrap. Fill the space in the box to minimize the risk.

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