How to Make Your Local Move Eco-Friendly

More people than ever are concerned about their carbon footprint. Even while one individual’s environmental impact can appear insignificant compared to larger organizations, over 290 million tons of waste is generated annually in the United States.

Whether you’re organizing your move or just having everything ready for packing, it’s critical to understand how to be sustainable while traveling and unpacking. You may save money and protect the environment by adopting green practices, which benefit both the environment and you!

Let us discuss how to make your local move ecofriendly for sustainable moving in NYC.

Declutter in a Sustainable Way

You may determine the best options for disposing of your extra items in the weeks before moving day. You may choose to sell, donate, or give away your belongings before moving day in order to reduce the amount of stuff you have to move. But, planning a garage sale would be a little more difficult if you were moving suddenly and had limited time to prepare.

You can always give your items to nearby charities to make extra room in your new house. You might wish to go over and beyond to offer your belongings a second chance at life by donating them to those in need rather than throwing them out.

Thus, get rid of your old stuff properly. Learn about how to handle potentially dangerous materials. It turns out that several things, such as fuel, fire extinguishers, cleaning solvents, vehicle batteries, charcoal, pesticides, and so on, are not accepted for transport by local movers.

Recycle Before and After the Move

Remember to collect everything that can be recycled while you go through your possessions and tidy up the present house. It’s critical to reduce waste both before and after a relocation, whether it’s for an office or a residence.

While furniture in good enough condition can be repurposed, schedule the pickup of outdated gadgets and appliances from a recycling business.

It’s also likely that you will have a ton of leftovers after unpacking your items. You might relocate with less negative environmental impact if you’ve used reusable packaging supplies and biodegradable materials instead of plastic. Instead of using cardboard boxes for that purpose, consumers frequently choose plastic crates.

They offer your goods extra protection in addition to being eco-friendly and reusable.

Using home things as packaging materials

Look around the house for methods to keep fragile items secure. Bedding, towels, and even clothing are excellent wrapping materials and would be brought along anyhow. You can even pack wine glasses with socks.

Old magazines and newspapers are also suitable for wrapping plates and glassware, but they will contribute to the post-move recycling effort.

Use Cardboard and Plastic Moving Boxes

The best option is to use the cardboard moving boxes the local NYC movers offer, especially if you don’t have any extra old boxes. However, there are other less expensive options. You can obtain some from your neighbors, friends, and family. You might need to be aware of all the containers inside your house.

If you look closely, you can load anything from clothes to books using suitcases, duffel bags, trash bags, wooden crates, and metal containers. For example, you may use garbage bags for clothing and duffel bags for books and periodicals.

Buy biodegradable packing peanuts

Biodegradable packing peanuts, made from maize, wheat, or potato starch, need far less energy to manufacture than Styrofoam, which typically end up in landfills or drifting in the ocean. This organic filler dissolves in water, so you may dispose of it in the sink or compost pile when finished. Furthermore, it is entirely safe for both humans and pets.

Partner with eco-friendly NYC local movers

Choosing a reputable and environmentally responsible local moving service in NYC is easy if you know what to look for. The ideal provider would focus on sustainability while providing a comprehensive packing service in New York City.

Find out what kinds of packaging materials they employ. Are they reusable or biodegradable? Making sure your relocation is eco-friendly requires paying close attention to this.

You’ve previously taken an inventory and looked over your possessions, so you know exactly what you need and want. Talk to the moving company about your specific eco-friendly relocation goals so that your selected service will support your sustainability goals and make your move stress-free and environmentally pleasant.

Contact Energy Moving to make your move sustainable in NYC

To adopt sustainability without compromising quality, employ Energy Moving for your local, sustainable moving in NYC. Fuel-efficient cars, biodegradable packing materials, and energy-saving measures are given priority in our green moving practices to decrease the environmental impact. You may be sure that your relocation will be smooth and ecologically friendly because of our dedication to environmental concerns.

Let us help you relocate to your new residence in the center of New York City while having a beneficial environmental impact.

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